Join our free webinar series on Sustainable Infrastructure: Design and Engineering with FRP-Based Solutions. This platform brings together design, engineering, and manufacturing industry leaders to share their expertise in delivering high-performance, sustainable civil engineering structures. Gain valuable insights from Wagners' team members and esteemed guest speakers as they discuss key considerations for achieving a sustainable return on investment and successful project delivery.

There are currently no upcoming live webinars.  However, check out the library of on-demand webinars available below.

Rohan McElroy (5)
Ben Gillies, A&I Coatings (3)
Introduction Webinar (1)

Join guest speaker, Rohan McElroy from icubed engineering as he explores how to use Wagners CFT Design Guide and the things that should be considered during the design phase of using Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) that differs from traditional materials.

Join guest speaker Ben Gillies from A&I Coatings as he explores why Wagners CFT choose fluoropolymer coating for its FRP profiles; What is in fluoropolymer coating? What are its performance advantages? And how to manage vandalism.

Learn about Wagners CFT and how the business, which has offices in Australian and the United States, manufacture one of the world's strongest pultruded Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structural profiles for engineering projects throughout the globe.