We have produced a large range of electrical crossarms and fittings for utilities companies around the world; with over 200 designs currently deployed and an expert in-house design team.

Wagners CFT has installed base of over one million crossarms globally!

We are currently supplying crossarms for low and high voltage, distribution, transmission and sub-transmission. The inherent advantages of composite materials are leading many utilities to specify composite crossarms and dead-end assemblies on new and replacement transmission and distribution installations.


Our Electrical Crossarm Features

Our composite fiber electrical crossarms are designed to securely hold power lines on a utility pole while also following AS7000 guidelines. This selection from our electrical infrastructure construction catalog is designed to provide a protective layer of insulation. We provide lightweight electrical crossarms that are non-conductive and have low flammability. This essential feature means our products will not sustain combustion, eliminating any possibility of utility pole fires; in fact, it takes three times longer to ignite Wagners CFT composite electrical crossarms than one made from traditional materials. 

Clients can expect their final results to be:

  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to rust, rot, and corrosion
  • Capable of withstanding salt air, desert heat, or acid rain
  • Capable of surviving all levels of humidity and climates