Florida Construction & Engineering

Executive Summary:

The successful installation of the Brittany Bay Viewing Platform was achieved through partnership with Florida Construction & Engineering —the project aimed to fulfil the need for minimal maintenance, ease of installation and extended lifespan. Wagners CFT Fiber Reinforced Polymer was chosen to meet these goals as the product offers a longer lifespan, with a design life of 100 years and coatings lasting over 40 years, surpassing the project’s minimum requirement of 35 years.

Wagners CFT demonstrated their commitment to the projects success by providing an innovative solution and on-site support throughout the entire project.

- Florida Construction & Engineering

The Project

The primary objectives of the project were to select a material that would provide a viewing platform with a minimum lifespan of 35 years and would require minimal maintenance. Additionally, the construction process needed to be efficient and streamlined, focusing on a smooth installation to minimize any disruptions or delays.

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