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Road Bridges

Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies (CFT) designs and manufactures composite road bridges for use around the world. From Australia to the United States Wagners has bridges installed in cold northern climates to tropical coastal areas. Ranging from single span light road to multi-span heavy load quarry bridges Wagners provides a durable low maintenance structure to fit virtually any transport need.

We pride ourselves on the development of a modular methodology that can be used to create a variety of sections, which can be tailored to specific requirements. Installation options allow for the prioritising cost, time and labour. Our structures are manufactured and prefabricated in Australia allowing for quick and simple installation in a quality assured setting. In addition to full prefabrication Wagners can provide members for onsite assembly or sectional replacement.

Wagners CFT's innovative product solutions comply with engineering and safety standards within Australia and around the world including the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union. 

Benefits of using Wagners CFT composite materials:


Pending inspection, Wagners CFT road bridges can use existing timber and concrete bridge abutments reducing both the time frame and cost of the project.

Low Maintenance

Wagners CFT will nor rot, rust, corrode or decay; making it an ideal material in high risk environments near the sea or in flood prone areas. Wagners CFT materials are not susceptible to freeze- thaw cycles, and have very low thermal expansion/contraction characteristics.

Low-Cost Installation

Prefabrication and experience allows Wagners to greatly reduce install times over traditional procedures. In high traffic areas, Wagners will work closely with stakeholders to insure a quick turnaround.

VIEW our PROJECTS page for additional information.

Robust Long Life Designs

Wagners CFT designs our bridges with long life spans in mind. Our material is ideally suited for extended use in high fatigue structures. As a result of strenuous testing in partnership with Main Roads Queensland our structures possess an extremely high strength reserve, allowing full load service for decades to come.

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SM1600 & T44 Loading Road Bridges