• Marine Infrastructure


Marine Infrastructure

Wagners CFT can provide quality, durable structural solutions for marine projects around the world. From small boat pontoon floats to large jetty repair or replacement Wagners CFT is the common sense choice. Wagners CFT provides flexible design options, ease of install and extreme durability; allowing for the best possible project outcome in the face of harsh marine environments.


Wagners CFT is the ideal material for marine construction as it will not rot, rust, or corrode over time. As a result its innovative manufacturing process Wagners CFT will provide a long term asset with minimal maintenance requirements, allowing for a real dollar return in a short amount of time.

Ease of Use

Wagners CFT projects and repairs come prefabricated for quick installation. But field work is never as precise as we would like, if additional changes and cuts need to be made in the field any staff who has worked with timber will feel right at home working with Wagners CFT.

Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly

Wagners CFT is inert and non-toxic; it will not leach any harmful chemicals into the environment. In a University of New South Wales report they conclude that Wagners CFT "is 77% less harmful to the environment than hardwood timber".

Domestically produced and owned

Wagners is a family owned company that has been operating in Australia of over 20 years. All of our materials are produced out of our Toowoomba factory in Queensland and transported to projects around the world. From our humble roots of 8 employees to our global presence with 1,100 staff, Wagners has always kept its feet firmly planted in Australia.