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Composite materials have proven themselves as the material of choice in high performance applications such as the Aerospace and Nautical industry. As the use of composite materials has become more common their benefits have been realized by other industries, and their use and acceptance by Civil Engineers has greatly increased in recent years.

Composite materials offer high strength, low weight, and long service lives as they are not prone to corrosion, rot or shrinkage as other materials more traditional used by the construction industry. Wagners CFT has pioneered the use of composite materials in Australia and indeed the World, exporting products from Toowoomba Queensland to locations such as the United States, Russia, Malaysia and Brazil.

Wagners use the 'Pultrusion Process' to fabricate structural fiberglass sections. These sections are traditional in geometry and shape to rolled steel 'RHS' sections, however are made from fiberglass and vinyl ester resins. The material combination has been chosen by Wagners to provide the best structural system for an economical cost.

Wagners Composite Fiber Technologies (CFT) is a world leader in the use and development of sophisticated composite engineering materials and is credited with manufacturing and installing the world's first composite road bridge in a public road network. Continued research and development allows Wagners CFT to remain a leader in the design and implementation this exciting new material.

Fiber composites are now being used for transportation, sports, marine, infrastructure and medical science applications. However, it is not until recently that the ability to build large structures has been fully utilized by the experienced staff at Wagners. Many years of research and development have resulted in the successful application of composite fiber technology to a number of products including road bridges, electrical crossarms and pedestrian structures.

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